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Before sharing my journey, I would like to share one important lesson with you. Never ever give up in your life.
Hi there, My Name is ANKUSH DHAWAN, I am Your EXIM COACH. I help new exporters and importers with business growth through MARKETING & TRAINING. Very well-known Export-Import Business Coach and Internet Marketer “Ankush Dhawan” is the founder of Export Experts India, I am the co-owner of Future World Trading Co which deals in food products. Individuals & businesses get in touch with me through my Marketing knowledge, working experience, Business ideas & intensive Training program. I have 10 years of experience in the field of Export Import business, Domestic Business and Online Marketing. I have helped exporters and importers to grow strategically with new Marketing and Creative Ideas. My Team has run their Marketing ads such as PPC Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, SEO, and Email marketing which helps them in generating Organic Traffic with High-quality leads and Potential Buyers. I Have trained 9500+ people and is on a Mission to Train Millions of more people. I have an in-depth knowledge of Export-Import Business, Domestic Business and Marketing. With my Experiences Learners get to know about the details of this international Trade. I also Teach about the Marketing concepts, Online Marketing Strategies, and How to Grow Your Business to the International Level. I teach practically Different aspects of marketing strategies that help people to create their own Brand.

Our Vision

Our Mission is to create a Large Indian Community of Exporters from India with a timeline of Calendar Year 2025. We are specialized in Export-Import Business Training and Online Marketing.

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